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Keeping you up to date- updated Wed 6 April

Please note- We are in the process of a major upgrade/development. By mid-next week, we should be ready for you to enter data. Check again then, April 12th approximately.

Development issues – may be of interest. We started with Wards as the highest level of organisation in the system, but fire districts make more sense and fit with existing emergency structures. We’re moving to fire districts and at that level and within fire districts we plan to have maps available to help you decide which area you belong to. More to come of course as this is a genuinely community based effort.

Today I heard we have 70 new street co-ordinators putting their hands up to be involved in grass roots neighbourhood support, community strengthening. Great, and many thanks to all.

This system has been established because of earthquakes last year and again in February. I (Dave Askin) talked with key people locally and rang Wellington Civil Defence. In short National Civil Defence doesn’t have a tool like this for local communities, so here we are with something that we hope is valuable to many communities, for various purposes.

We are developing something that reflects local needs. For example, Kirwee has moved quickly to get organised. However, spreadsheets are really limited in the way information can be shared and analysed. Privileges in terms of who sees what is not a strong point with a spreadsheet on one computer. Oops, that one computer just had a wall fall on it… Hope you understand why we are moving to an internet based solution. Civil Defence have been making similar noises recently…

This system is tailor made for local street communities to keep their information – printout a report of phone and email and names- contacts for every day purposes as well as for emergencies, along with unique skills, resources and needs that must be considered during an emergency.

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