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We are hoping that the system is pretty self explanatory. It’s hard to know which bit of the system your question refers to! Remember the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions area should have helpful content. Pls check it out here.

Sometimes the best way forward is to talk to a real person. Dave Askin, that’s me – has been leading a community based team over the last 7 years of development of Gets Ready. It is a set of community based, run, owned tools, designed to support council’s work of keeping communites strong, resilient and resourced. Partnership and being good neighbours together is at the heart of Gets Ready.

So text me on 0210644436 and I’ll do my best to get back to you asap. You can also send me an email.

Also, here’s what Douglas Marshall, Local Civil Defence Controller and Principal Rural Fire Officer for Selwyn District has to say about their experience of the Gets Ready system-

‘Selwyn District Council are fully supportive of this software initiative. It is an excellent product for community groups to support their interaction with a council’s Emergency Operations Centre. It is also a great way of building community resilience. During recent fire events, we were able to promptly alert the communities in our District at risk from the fire and advise them of safety actions to take. During flood and extreme wind events, the software allows our community response teams to capture their community issues and either resolve themselves or forward to us at EOC via the Selwyn Gets Ready web site. The software also allows for community contact information to be captured which means that we can also keep communities informed via agreed protocols about other community issues’.

A contact from Castle Hill area of Selwyn district provides a community perspective on the use of Gets Ready-

‘It’s made it easy for us as a community to be fully prepared for any CD emergency situation that may affect our village and to implement a community response team with effective procedures. We now have a full database of the needs, resources and skills of the families in the village which enables us to communicate with residents quickly and efficiently should the need arise. It has brought the community closer together, without being intrusive, and raised the awareness of residents to be prepared. It also enables fast, efficient communication with Selwyn Council if needed. A must do for any community.’

By the way, there’s now about 7,000 households in Selwyn signed up with Gets Ready – getting fire, water quality, snow, wind warnings. When tsunami threatened low lying parts of Selwyn got text messages and emails, warning of need to evacuate. That is a key message in Gets Ready – partnership, preparedness helps in developing strong resilient communities.

There are a number of other communities in the process of joining. Meanwhile we have 20,000 households signed up from Te Awamutu, North Canterbury, Christchurch, and further south in Selwyn District.