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Community strengthening

A small group from Malvern went to hear an Aussie community strengthening expert that Kaiapoi community brought out. He was excellent. One of his key ideas related to communities ‘mapping’ their assets- their human resources of skills and things people can teach each other. the system here already has community mapping mechanism in place, but there is more to discuss. For example, this system could be used by organisations in our area to pass on information – via text message or email. Selwyn River is going to flood? So, if this is of interest to you- register your name on the system and get an email/text sent when danger threatens. No, that isn’t live yet, but the system is live enough to handle that right now. At times water quality has dropped in our community water systems. People need to be warned to boil their water. Keen to hear about that- register your name on that issue. Yes, the system can provide neighbourhood strengthening. Other ideas. Please get in touch.

We need your feedback. Perhaps the lack of information here is surprising. (Remember that privacy issue discussed above- not much information is available to the public). We want to see maps developed that add value to the information. For example it would be great to have a map that shows where people with special health needs are located. Is this public information? No- the map will only be available for some key people in the likes of civil defence or higher up the system of community preparedness. It would be great to see some support coming from the bodies charged with responsibility, but for now, this is truly a local level expression of concern and desire for action that works- for us.

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