Gets Ready DEV SITE

Privacy Policy

Your (dev site) privacy is really important. The two pager here helps you understand how the system works…

There’s two kinds of people in a Gets Ready system.

  1. The public who join, but have no role in Gets Ready and they get called members.
  2. those who join and become street or area contacts. They have roles, often working alongside your civil defence teams or emergency operations teams in a local council during an emergency – fire, wind, snow, flood, water problems (E. coli etc) tsunami etc. The two pager shows a diagram that helps explain how contacts (co-ordinators) operate at various levels to help co-ordinate responses and communicate back to Civil Defence teams. Contacts directly above a member can see that member’s information and update when requested.

Members can’t see any information about other members… BUT – to allow a sensible joining process to work, phone numbers for all contacts are publicly available.  The person wishing to join can send an email to a contact… but they don’t know the email address. That remains hidden.

The public get to know the street group that the contact is in. That is a necessary part of the joining process. So, if I am a contact for a group called Bealey Ave 220 -265, well, there’s a good chance I live somewhere in that area – and please note- that information is available to the public.

This level of information has been debated over 7 years or so, and we feel we have a good balance between needed information and privacy.

Your details may be shared with emergency services if needed, but otherwise we will not give your details to anyone else. (OK, you are right,… those hosting the system could see your info, but they’ve got other things on their mind, like making sure they keep the system going really well!)